Old hardware projects unsorted – till 2000

Last Updated or created 2022-05-28

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1997-2000 somewhere – Hardware webcounter

Build a hardware webcounter (it was a thing back then) , i used below schematic. Wanted to use huge 7 segment displays but never got around it to buy the large ones.. It was easily converted to multiple segments. I think i used 4 and pulses where send via a parallel port.

Old webcounter schematic

The three (my case four) buttons are to get the counter in sync with my real counter which was a CGI script. It generated html code with took numeric images and displayed these on a page, the state was stored in a file. No numbers where send to the counter, only a pulse. So no synchronisation! Not the way to do this nowadays!

Joystick recorder

I designed a joystick movement recorder for a school project.

You could record movement, and press a button to start recording. (and starting the game) It was not really usable. Because, it needed a higher recording rate, a game which always reacted to the player in the same manner. Only made a half proof of concept.

Drawing images using lasers

For another school project i wanted to be able to draw figures using a laser. One of my teachers fixed a meetup for me with a guy attending university in Enschede. He was using lasers to scan miniscule objects using a laser in groves something resembling a longplayer record.

I wanted to use two DACs to control the movement of two mirrors.
But i’d had to take into account the speed of the movement and the weight of the mirrors, else images where distorted.

He gave me a schematic which used:
2 controllabe video disc mirrors, light split glasses and amplifier part.

Previous project with Oscilloscope drawings helped, with understanding those problems.

I’ve still got the components, except for the high grade laser i lend from a friend.
But a simple laser pen should suffice