Layer effect Art proof of concept

Last Updated or created 2023-02-06

I took a picture, converted it to grayscale.

Then used Inkscape trace bitmap, brightness cutoff.
With some other options to get multiple gray layers.

I printed these on transparant sheets, using a laser printer.

Made 7-8 layers with a light behind it, it produces a really cool effect.

Extracting/converting old chats from Signal/ICQ/google

Last Updated or created 2023-01-02


For ICQ i only could find one that worked for me.
Search for the below file on the internet

IcqHR 1.8f (

This will convert XXXXXmsg.dat to a html file.


I’ve got signal on my linux workstation, so my encryption key lives in

Install sqlcipher from (

And use below script (change paths/keys accordingly)

#set -x
# Get your key from
#cat ~/.config/Signal/config.json

/Projects/sqlcipher/sqlcipher -list -noheader /home/${USER}/.config/Signal/sql/db.sqlite "PRAGMA key = \"x'"${SIGNAL_KEY}"'\";select json from messages;" > /tmp/clear_text_msgs;
cd /tmp 
tail -n +2 clear_text_msgs > without_ok
sed '$!s/$/,/' without_ok > with_commas
sed '1 s/^/[\n/' with_commas > with_leading_bracket
echo "]" >> with_leading_bracket
rm without_ok
rm with_commas
mv with_leading_bracket valid.json
cp valid.json /home/%{USER}/signal.$(date +%Y%m%d)
cd -

Google Chat/Talk/Hangouts

Just search for google takeout!

After that convert Hangouts.json to text using

Retropi handheld

Last Updated or created 2022-03-28

I’ve got a retro-pi running for some time, now .. posting a little movie.
The gamehat i’ve got a week now.

Retropi met Darish Zone King Image

  • 512GB
  • 23000 games
  • 50 systems

Own hacks on this system:

  • Added dos emulator
  • Added DOS games
  • Added Amiga demos menu entry
  • Changed Font sized and look

I’ve got a bigben controller which i can connect to the Raspberry USB .

375403 (600×315)