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Multiple computer systems in a carrying case.

Test picture of a multiprocessor computer setup.
Using buttons on the right, I want the possibility to change between systems and keyboard settings.
Also, multiple software/OS slots for SDCards will be on the right.

Mockup using a laptop display (eeepc) a bought display controller and a pi2 with Faux86

The lid containing the keyboard has a handle!

After laser cutting a nice front, it could become a nice road warrior hacking station.

I’m going to replace the wireless keyboard, probably with a touch display and a programmable layout for keyboards.
Something like below

Some layouts:

I’ll probably buy this one from waveshare

Info about Faux86

  • 8086/8088, V20, 80186 and limited 286 instruction set.
  • Configurable CPU speeds from 5Mhz up to 100Mhz.
  • Custom Hardware BIOS’s supported.
  • Supports bootable disk images in .img and .raw file format.
  • CGA / EGA / VGA Colour Video emulation, with most modes supported.
  • PC Speaker, Adlib, Soundblaster and Disney SoundSource.
  • UART Com Ports.
  • Standard PC XT Keyboard.
  • Serial Port 2-Button mouse.