Last Updated or created 2022-09-03

I found some stuff while sorting out some old computer stuff.
Way back, when my Amiga was my main computer, i wanted to make my own version. A modular one.

So i started to segmentize the amiga, to put it on several exchangeable cards.

Eurocards are standardized prints 150mm x 100mm, mostly with a DIN41612 connector.

Eurocard example

When you make modules you can change/upgrade/test, you can have a very easy interchangeable system using a backplane like this

So i started planning those modules:

  • CPU – 68000 but upgradeable to 68030 or alike
  • Memory – With expansion
  • Sound
  • Video
  • More IO possibilities
  • Keyboard (see more at the bottom of this page)

I had a nice case which could hold a big backplane, custom powersupply. And a front panel containing drives, leds and knobs. (I know i have more info on this somewhere on my fileserver)

A nice example picture i found on danceswithferrets website

I never finished this project.
I used Tech Manuals and print layouts to understand how things where done.

Part of schematic

I started to draw the modules like they where placed on the print on semi transparent (chalk)paper, the kind of paper that was used for electronic and mechanic diagrams.