Medieval prison and woodwork

Last Updated or created 2024-03-18

This year we did an Eastern Europe trip.
Every country left and down from Germany.

One of the countries was Romania. And we visited a lot of Castles.
So I became interested in recreating one of the scenes I saw.

It was a square medieval prison. I was captured by the natural materials being used in the displays.
Stone, wood, metal, rope and straw.

I was working on a Da Vinci model at the time. (We visited a Da Vinci exposition in Den Haag.)
I love his designs.

So I build a prison, with a straw bed. Some mini items like a water jug and a piece of bread.

Then I made some torture devices.

I found some parts recently, hopefully the rest will turn up soon.

Flogging pole

Example of the bed (also lost .. during moving??)