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Clay press to make a brick wall (for models)

I found a nice tile-able image on the internet to make into a clay press.

UPDATE: 20230406

Using Blender and 3D printing, I’ve got this result.

Take a flat image an convert to black-white. Then invert!

Create cylinder in blender.
Change capfill into nothing, and set sizes.
Add modifier: Solidify
Add texture
CTRL-R and divide, then subdivide
Subdivide surface
Add displace modifier.
Texture coordinates UV.
Displacement negative 0.1-0.3

UPDATE: 20230406

I need to apply the white/gray first in all cracks, and the red color is a little off.

Medieval prison and woodwork

This year we did an Eastern Europe trip.
Every country left and down from Germany.

One of the countries was Romania. And we visited a lot of Castles.
So I became interested in recreating one of the scenes I saw.

It was a square medieval prison. I was captured by the natural materials being used in the displays.
Stone, wood, metal, rope and straw.

I was working on a Da Vinci model at the time. (We visited a Da Vinci exposition in Den Haag.)
I love his designs.

So I build a prison, with a straw bed. Some mini items like a water jug and a piece of bread.

Then I made some torture devices.

I found some parts recently, hopefully the rest will turn up soon.

Flogging pole

Example of the bed (also lost .. during moving??)

A board game we made

I designed with my friend Richard, a spooky board game.
It was made of two large multiplex pieces, about 75xm by 50cm. With walls 25 cm height (guessing)

There was a ground floor (graveyard) and a dungeon below that. You had to use dice to move, but there were traps.

  • Hidden trapdoors
  • A ball which knocked you over
  • Closed doors
  • Monsters
  • Puzzles
Drawing i made in 2023 from what i can remember.

The ball (4-5cm) was made of scrunched paper with a gypsum layer.
It could take two paths and depending on where you stood with your playing piece, could knock you over.

A few years later my parents bought Ghost Castle/Spookslot. Which was very much alike we’ve made.

Looking at the models i’ve been making the last few years, i could re-make this again??