Beer glasses

Last Updated or created 2022-11-04

I’ve collected some beer glasses in the past, but i didn’t have many.
I hated the fact that your are not using them OR (even worse).
Put a different brand of beer in the branded glass!

So i bought a set of these:

I like the no-brand no-logo … just-a-glass look.

So why different types of glasses. Some say “nonsence!”

Welllll .. maybe for a part.
Click on the images for more information about the glass.
Below i will use the names of the glasses, these are NOT generally accepted names.

  • Some types of glasses like the “Breughel” concentrate the aroma.
  • A heavy stout mostly has less volume, it looks weird in a pint glass.
  • Besides the volume, a lighter beer looks better in a “Prague” glass
  • Some glasses are better suited for keeping the beer cold, other you can warm a little in your hand.
    ( Beer is NOT always best cold! When you drink it too cold, you will numb your taste buds. Most beerbottles have a temperature suggestion)
  • Bulb glasses like “Grand Cru” will keep your foam longer.

There is no need for a foam head on your stout, so use a “Gusto” for example.

Temperatures (a little example) Do your research on the internet!

  • 4 degrees celsius : Light lagers, Pilsners
  • 7 degrees celsius : Blondes, Wheat and Hefeweizen
  • 10 degrees celsius : Red, Amber, IPA, Tripple
  • 12 degrees celsius : Bitters, Scotch Ale, Stouts and Porters
  • 14 degrees celsius :Imperial Stouts, Double bock, Barley Wines, Milk stouts