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Harp with leds

A ledstrip on a Harp, now I can see the strings at night!

Woohoo .. ( Little harp in the background (autoharp))

Well .. its a pity that the distance of the leds is NOT the same as the strings distance.

I could light up the string to be played, or even cooler …
When using FFT code (Fast Fourier Transform), I could light up the string being played!
I’m probably going to try to implement this at a later time.

Eleanor Plunkett for Harp

History about this tune:


Arranging this tune for a duet. (Imgard and myself)

This is a work in progress

I’m using Musescore for this typesetting

A Nelly an chuil chraobhaigh
Is a shuil ar dhaith an fheir ghlais
Ag eirghe dhon la,
O! nach breag dham so a radh,
’S gur [tu] do shliocht na bhfear eifeacht
O Ardmacha breige,
Fuair sar-chlu o Ghaodhalaidh
Le trean-neart a lamh.

O Nelly of the back of the wood
With her eye the color of the green grass
Waking with the day,
O what a lie it is of me to say,
And you with your family from a man of import (?)
O lying Ard Macha,
(Nelly? The man? Ard Macha?) Won great fame from relations
With strength of hand

A Harp in the house again. JOY!

First I have to replace 4 strings.

Apparently F4 B4 F3 and D1

I’ve replaced strings before so that’s no problem. Starting all over again.

Our Folk Band Harp player wants to due some duets. So lets get playin’


UPDATE: 20230119
Replaced the 4 strings yesterday, not fully tuned yet.
Gave the string some time to rest.
Looking at the harp this morning. G4 was broken .. d*mn

UPDATE: 20230126
Replaced also the G4, all done.
Tuning this kind of Harp. (Salvi Lever harp)
You have to put all levers down, and tune them from lowest note to highest.
The A B and E strings have to be tuned flat!
So by using the levers you can play in all kinds of different keys.


Very nice overview of the keys (harp-school.com)