Cured Salmon Gravlax

Last Updated or created 2022-09-13

Most of the times i use my cold smoker to smoke the salmon, below is a experiment i have to revisit!

Gravlax (Swedish: [ˈgrɑ̂ːvlakːs]) or graved salmon is a Nordic dish consisting of salmon that is cured using a mix of salt and sugar, and either dill or sprucetwigs placed on top, and may occasionally be cold-smoked afterwards. Gravlax is usually served as an appetizer, sliced thinly and accompanied by hovmästarsås “mustard sauce”, in Denmark as rævesovs, literally “fox sauce”, and in Iceland as graflaxsósa), a dill and mustard sauce, either on bread or with boiled potatoes.

In olden times, the salmon was buried in the ground to ferment. I packed mine in foil and buried it in the garden for a few days.

TODO : Post recipe!

Working on my Autoharp

Last Updated or created 2023-07-18

I’m missing some chords on my autoharp, so i took it apart and refitted it using simular felt.

Cutting places with a penknife and placing new parts.

C E G – Cmaj
A C D F# – D7
B D G – Gmaj
B E G – Emin

A C E – Amin
B D F# – Bmin
B D F G – G dom seventh
A C# E G – A dom seventh

A D F# – Dmaj
A C F – Fmaj
A D F – Dmin
A C# F# – F sharp minor / G flat minor

Made a Crokinole game

Last Updated or created 2022-09-13

Crokinole is played on a circular wooden board, with wooden circular disks as playing pieces.

Possible origin is Canada.

Players take turns shooting disks across the circular wooden board by flicking the disks with their fingers. Players try to land their disks in scoring regions on the board, with the highest scoring area the recessed hole in the very center of the board. Each round, each player/side alternately shoots a set number of disks (usually 12 or 8), shooting one disk each turn.

Players must position their disk on the start of each of their turns in their quadrant in front of them, touching the outer scoring ring boundary.

If there are no opponent’s disks on the board, they must aim for the center of the board.

If there is an opponent’s disk on the board, they must aim and hit an opponent’s piece first, either directly, or by a carrom shot.

The center recessed hole is worth 20 points, and disks are removed and scored at the end of the round if they land in the center hole.

Disks that are outside the outer scoring ring at the end of each shot, or are touching the outer scoring ring at the end of each shot, are removed from play for the round.

Sketchup drawing with measurements

Ignition starter for flightsim

Last Updated or created 2022-06-02

I’ve got several Saitec flightsim items, and building some additions myself.

For example i’ve got:

Yoke system
Multi panel (Autopilot/flaps/trim)
Add rudder pedals

But i really wanted the feeling of starting the engine with a knob.
So i build one using alumium scraps and a arduino.

It doesn’t look much, but it all be behind a metal sheet anyway.
Really pleased with the spring reset and multiple settings.