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X-plane on linux

Starting x-plane can be a problem on Linux when screens are not properly detected. (Like order of screens or sizes)

Below is a three-screen start script for Linux.

#Will start a three screen xplane session
#Screen are @ 1920x1080 resolution
if [ -z $1 ] ; then
./X-Plane-x86_64 --monitor_bounds=0,0,1920,1080,1920,0,1920,1080,3840,0,1920,1080
 while [  $count -lt $numscreens ]; do
    sleep 1
    count=$( wmctrl -l | grep X-System | wc -l)
wmctrl -l | grep X-Syst |awk '{ print $1 }' | while read ; do 
	wmctrl -i -r "$REPLY" -T "X-System_$screencount"
	let  screencount=screencount+1
wmctrl -r "X-System_1" -e 1,0,0,1920,1080
wmctrl -r "X-System_2" -e 1,1920,0,1920,1080
wmctrl -r "X-System_3" -e 1,3840,0,1920,1080

Ignition starter for flightsim

I’ve got several Saitec flightsim items, and building some additions myself.

For example i’ve got:

Yoke system
Multi panel (Autopilot/flaps/trim)
Add rudder pedals

But i really wanted the feeling of starting the engine with a knob.
So i build one using alumium scraps and a arduino.

It doesn’t look much, but it all be behind a metal sheet anyway.
Really pleased with the spring reset and multiple settings.

Flight Computer

Bought myself a Jeppesen Sanderson Slide Graphic “Computer” (1989)

I like those “old skool” manual/analog instruments.

I want to use this together with my flightsimulator.

flight computer is a form of circular slide rule used in aviation and one of a very few analog computers in widespread use in the 21st century

They are mostly used in flight training, but many professional pilots still carry and use flight computers. They are used during flight planning (on the ground before takeoff) to aid in calculating fuel burn, wind correction, time en route, and other items. In the air, the flight computer can be used to calculate ground speed, estimated fuel burn and updated estimated time of arrival. The back is designed for wind correction calculations, i.e., determining how much the wind is affecting one’s speed and course.