Wanted to make a mini Sid Player, and failed

Last Updated or created 2024-07-03

UPDATE: https://www.henriaanstoot.nl/2024/05/30/c64-mobile-sid-player-using-raspberry/

I’ve got an old Speaker Phat, and a Raspberry Zero

An audio add-on board for Raspberry ( same size as the Zero )

My initial idea was to have the “High Voltage Sid Collection” (Downloaded the 55000 pack)
On a mini device, battery operated and with a little keypad.

On the keypad i can select the Sidtune to play, or pressing
A and a number the Sids from a certain artist.

The display gives you information about the tune being played.
( The display has an I2C hat to convert 8bits to I2C )

See pinout phat above.
I’ve got three choices for I2C connection (green/blue to the Phat)

  • Direct connect and use different addresses
  • Use a I2C hub and different addresses
  • Define a secondary I2C on the raspberry

So I made the first test setup …

Underrun occurred .. So back to the drawingboard.
I probably need a better Audio Hat.
First to try .. Zero fast enough for sidplay2?
Maybe audio over hdmi works??

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