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Workbench outside

One of the first designs of the workbench i made in blender.

I wanted to have a big workbench outside, which must at least have:

  • Wheels to move it around
  • Storage space
  • Place to put my tablesaw and miter saw
  • Electrical outlets
  • Adjustable in height, using a car-jack!
  • Large working space
    • Without holes, because it would be nice to use the table for boardgames!

So in 2021 i came up with this:

Got some wood deliverd and start working on it in may 2022


Wooden structure below i can put stuff on i don’t use. It can be used as separate low working space.

Winecellar – rack

Winerack finished .. at last, with laser engraved labels. (See 3D printer posts)
Enough space for 160 bottles.

No glue, only tacks.

Een eerste design in sketchup
1st design in sketchup (old)

Engraving using a laser engraver on my 3D printer

Converting a large old table into a meat carving station.

At a second hand store we bought a old 60-70 style livingroom table, because it was made from heavy large wooden table top. ( 22 euro’s )

Removing the legs, and cutting the tabletop with a pluge saw.
The saw didnt cut deep enough, but using a guide rail and cutting from the other side, i managed to cut it with ease.

Assembling time!

The girls sanded the top and put some protective layer on top.

Above the finished product in our kitch made of scaffolding material.

Wooden candle holder xmas tree

While we were in Zweden for several months (2011). Coline for work, and i tagged along. ( Working using VPN )

We saw a wooden xmas thingy, Coline liked it very much.

Picture we took in Sweden 2011

I made it myself because it was not a ‘thing’ yet in the Netherlands. Now you can buy these everywhere.