Little drawing about one of the greatest pipers.

Last Updated or created 2023-01-14

May he rest in peace.

He was a great driving force for current pipers like: Ross Ainsley and Ali Hutton.

His music was innovate. Not alway liked by purists.
He listened a lot to Breton music, and used a lot of cross-fingering to play extra notes.

The (bad) comic about him.

See the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust at

Great tunes:

Some of the tunes I play:

  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • Thunderstruck/Angus Thing
  • Full moono down under
  • Muineira De Poio
  • Smeseno Horo
  • 98 Jig
  • Soup Dragon (Banjo)
  • Belly Dancer (started this on Border Pipes because of the tuning)
  • Sleeping Tune
  • Andy Renwick’s Ferret
  • Pressed of time (Mandoline)
  • Fourth Floor
  • High Drive (smallpipe with our Folk Band)
  • Zeeto the Bubbleman (long time ago)