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Oak island

I was about 16 when i first read about Oak Island, it was the first book posted below (it’s from 1979 and i still got it, it already was a few years old before i got it.). It was mysterious and about a place that still existed and i never forgot about it in all those years.

I even wanted to build a model to understand how it could have worked, with the drain system and the ‘boobystraps’.

In 2014 a series started on History Canada about trying to solve this mystery.
I still watch it whenever a new episode is posted.

A few years back i’ve been playing with Unity and Unreal. I’m really a beginner, but it would be nice if some community effort was made to get a Oak Island in a game engine where you can explore some of the things they found.

Another book i got some years later.

Books read / to read (Paper and Calibre)

  • Je hebt wel iets te verbergen
  • Missing microbe’s
  • John Cleese
  • Michael McIntyre
  • Komt een vrouw bij de hacker
  • The cathedral and the bazaar
  • Ons feilbare denken
  • Singularity is near
  • Randall Munro books
  • Dat wordt niets met Bert Visscher (read, see other post)
  • Ultimate Cigar Book
  • Oak Island

But most of the times manuals/howto books about beer, fermenting, computers .. reference guides.

We used to have a lot of books, but when Monique moved out she took a lot with her. And i’ve got a lot of digital versions of books now. We needed the space, so i got rid of the paper ones.

I’m using Calibre and Calibre in server mode, to access my ebooks and comics.

I use fbreader a lot and sometimes the calibre webreader.
My tunebooks are in there also, and i’m using my DIY bluetooth pageflipper to flip though the pages. (Other post)

Calibre in server mode

 ./calibre-server --userdb /home/fash/calibreusers.sqlite  /tank/Calibre/library /tank/Calibre/adult /tank/Calibre/sortedlibrary /tank/Calibre/comics /tank/Calibre/computer /tank/Calibre/manuals /tank/Calibre/PdfMusic /tank/Calibre/Nasla
g --port=8008 --enable-auth --auth-mode 'basic'

# To manage users
# calibre-server --userdb /srv/calibre/users.sqlite --manage-users

# Server is behind a reverse proxy

Some comics i’ve collected are:

  • Stamgasten
  • Dirkjan
  • Storm
  • Kuifje (TinTin)
  • Klepzeiker
  • Koen Hottentot
  • Guust Flater
  • Maus
  • Metal Hurlant