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Piet Bos

Going through some storage boxes, I noticed I’ve got two items of Piet Bos.

Who was Piet Bos? (link to photo)

In 1938 Piet Bos founded the Natural History Museum in Holten. Bos had a nationally renowned taxidermy company in Holten. In the era of emerging tourism, Mr Bos had a good sense of how he could captivate visitors. He had a unique idea at the time, namely to exhibit stuffed animals in their “own” environment through dioramas (viewing boxes). Not only the dioramas, but also display cases with prepared birds and mammals still appeal to the imagination. Over the years, the collection has grown into one of the most extensive in Europe. Son Kees Bos has given the museum a contemporary character as a painter and sculptor. The name of the museum has been changed to Natuurdiorama Holterberg. Visitors to the Sallandse Heuvelrug can learn about the history and flora and fauna of the area in the museum. The nature museum also shows animals that occur in other parts of Europe. More than 1,000 animals and birds can be viewed in eleven life-size dioramas, accompanied by accompanying sounds.

Multipurpose RGB sensor (ESPHome)

A few years ago, I made a little light metering sensor using a light resistor and a NodeMCU (using analog read).
This would measure if a Led was turned on from my Alarm system. (I had no other way to read this state.
(I also had it connected to our washing machine for a while, to read the state.)

Now I wanted to read the state of the TV set-top box.
This Arcadyan hmb2260 has a green/led state LED, so measuring light is not enough.
(I can only toggle the device from Home Assistant, so there is no way to know the current state!)
Toggling on/off and portscanning the device gave me not another way to get the state (no extra open ports/web state pages) than using an RGB Sensor.

Flashing this with ESP Home and integrating it in HA was a breeze.

I wanted to turn the Illuminance LED also off, because the Set-top box already emits light.

Now I’m going to 3D print a holder which can be used to press the button manually when needed.

The yellow part needs to be 3D printed.
Output of the sensor

ESPHome Code

  name: rgbsensor
  friendly_name: RgbSensor

  board: d1_mini

# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx="

  password: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "Rgbsensor Fallback Hotspot"
    password: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"


  sda: 4
  scl: 5

  - platform: tcs34725
      name: "TCS34725 Red Channel"
      name: "TCS34725 Green Channel"
      name: "TCS34725 Blue Channel"
      name: "TCS34725 Clear Channel"
      name: "TCS34725 Illuminance"
      name: "TCS34725 Color Temperature"
    glass_attenuation_factor: 1.0
    address: 0x29
    update_interval: 5s

  - platform: binary
    name: "RgbSensorVerlichting"
    output: light_output

  - id: light_output
    platform: gpio
    pin: 2

Automation in HA:

If Red Channel > 60% then device is OFF.

Other ideas:

Measure the dishwasher machine LED.

Using color cards to (program) the wleds I’m using.

Tuner hack and an oldskool discman story

Using the Korg CA-20

My old trusty Tuner that is really really old.

On the side you see the bagpipe tuning.
In the past, I replaced one of the LEDs. But now it didn’t turn on any more.

So I took it apart, and what did I miss when replacing the LED?
This tuner has more functionality hidden.

This is more often the case with devices, because it keeps the costs down. Make one print and use in many.
(See the diskman story below)

A working tuner!

When looking at the cover plate, you see only 4 buttons. But there are six!
Then I noticed some solder pads with the lettering Buzz.
So button 5 and 6 are for a metronome!
You see the little piezo buzzer I got from my component’s drawer.

A similar hack was the Diskman player in the 90s.

It was something like the model below. But with black buttons.

There was only play/pause stop and skip whole track or back whole track.

When opening, I figured out which chips were doing what.
Saw that some signals were not connected to the control panel.
These were : Fast forward, and reverse. And skip 30 seconds.

So I glued some buttons on the side and presto.

A few years later, I took it apart and connected a DB-9 connector to it.

Now I could control the playing using my Amiga!

Some drawings I found

Will post chip info, and more when found.

Stop doing this in posts!

See what I did?

Part x in my .. in don’t like series haha

Post topic: My life changed when changing this one setting.
Answer: Congratulations, you have a boring life.

Post topic: You are using this and that wrong!
Answer: No I don’t

Post topic: Only 1% see this optical illusion/What you see first tells you what kind of person you are./You are a genius when you find the numbers in this illusion.
Answer: No it doesn’t

Post topic: This setting is ruining your experience.
Answer: No I like it in the current setting

Post topic: Creepy HIDDEN map tracks .. blah blah.
Answer: No its not hidden, and it there by default and can be toggled using the settings menu.

Post topic: Do this now! You will be happy you did.
Answer: No I don’t, didn´t and never will

Post topic: Expect has cracked the code for a happy life.
Answer: Suuure..

Post topic: The BEST recipe for …
Answer: Depends what you like, maybe its a GOOD recipe, liked by more people.

Post topic: The top 10/best .. you have to own.
Answer: My top 10 is different, shutup.

Also .. this Popup over popup ….

Quotes and slips of the tongue

Some cheesy stuff I found on my fileserver.
Mine/Friends or heared in the wild.

Hey kaas met ketchup? Of rasp ik nu te ver? (dutch)
(cheese with ketchup? Or am I grating too far?)

Coline in chat: I’m planning to go to sleep, but i was mentally ordering things in my head
My reply: cat /dev/head | sort -n > /dev/null && sleep $((8 * 2600))

Russisch routeren (dutch)
(Russian Routing) (Network joke about misconfiguring a router – like roulette)

Dashboard of my room kamer (windowsill)

Howmuch is that in beers?

me: I’ve seen better code
me also: But not written by me

Due to the recent coffee panic here, i think i need to prepare for the worst.. and go get a UPS for my backup coffee machine. (and bury cans of coffee in the garden)

Have you you seen the papers yet? Or are you waiting for the movie?

There are 1/12 problems according to the program
No problem at leas not 1 out of 0 !

We have no fruit left, only a sick banana

Take it easy, take it easy.
You can break things also slowly

Windows 95 – A world is closing for you.

Kapot gechmod (dutch and it rhymes)
Break something using linux chmod command

I don’t have a smart TV, I need to be smart myself

A beautiful mind is about a misunderstood genius
Happens to me also sometimes

Worldwide standard .. in Enschede

That dude was so drunk, he spoke encrypted

How long a drive was it?
About 1 liter

Will you rewind the CD after using it please?

Better to have 10 beers in you, than 1 on the street

if microsoft is the answer you didn’t understand the question

The release date of windows 2000 will be delayed, the new releasedate will be 14-04-1901

That whisky bottle is square!
Nice, no wet circles on the table

That trashcan bag is too big!
Maybe it is supposed to be on the outside

Sparkling water = water with holes

Many orgasms in the water .. organism

Sollution for everything, apply some glue and some pressure

I have to go, I have to catch the bike in 5 minutes

I heared some fireworks, mid year.
And said “maybe they are marsians”, we have to check if they lighting fireworks over 687 days again.

Android / Oculus Quest screen record

Needed a way to record stuff from phone and VR set, found scrcpy.

A really usefull tool, you can control you phone, and what i was looking for .. screen record.

Used this to show via Jitsi screen share, how to do stuff on your phone.

scrcpy –record file.mkv

Switch fullscreen modeMOD+f
Rotate display leftMOD+ (left)
Rotate display rightMOD+ (right)
Resize window to 1:1 (pixel-perfect)MOD+g
Resize window to remove black bordersMOD+w | Double-left-click¹
Click on HOMEMOD+h | Middle-click
Click on BACKMOD+b | Right-click²
Click on APP_SWITCHMOD+s | 4th-click³
Click on MENU (unlock screen)⁴MOD+m
Click on VOLUME_UPMOD+ (up)
Click on VOLUME_DOWNMOD+ (down)
Click on POWERMOD+p
Power onRight-click²
Turn device screen off (keep mirroring)MOD+o
Turn device screen onMOD+Shift+o
Rotate device screenMOD+r
Expand notification panelMOD+n | 5th-click³
Expand settings panelMOD+n+n | Double-5th-click³
Collapse panelsMOD+Shift+n
Copy to clipboard⁵MOD+c
Cut to clipboard⁵MOD+x
Synchronize clipboards and paste⁵MOD+v
Inject computer clipboard textMOD+Shift+v
Enable/disable FPS counter (on stdout)MOD+i
Drag & drop APK fileInstall APK from computer
Drag & drop non-APK filePush file to device

Extracting/converting old chats from Signal/ICQ/google


For ICQ i only could find one that worked for me.
Search for the below file on the internet

IcqHR 1.8f (

This will convert XXXXXmsg.dat to a html file.


I’ve got signal on my linux workstation, so my encryption key lives in

Install sqlcipher from (

And use below script (change paths/keys accordingly)

#set -x
# Get your key from
#cat ~/.config/Signal/config.json

/Projects/sqlcipher/sqlcipher -list -noheader /home/${USER}/.config/Signal/sql/db.sqlite "PRAGMA key = \"x'"${SIGNAL_KEY}"'\";select json from messages;" > /tmp/clear_text_msgs;
cd /tmp 
tail -n +2 clear_text_msgs > without_ok
sed '$!s/$/,/' without_ok > with_commas
sed '1 s/^/[\n/' with_commas > with_leading_bracket
echo "]" >> with_leading_bracket
rm without_ok
rm with_commas
mv with_leading_bracket valid.json
cp valid.json /home/%{USER}/signal.$(date +%Y%m%d)
cd -

Google Chat/Talk/Hangouts

Just search for google takeout!

After that convert Hangouts.json to text using

Where have we been map

Generated a world map where we’ve been … biggest red part .. seen the least of it 🙂
Vacation or work
A small part of the US, and a small corner from the westcoast of Canada.

Countries/places on our todo list:

  • Mongolia
  • Japan
  • Cuba
  • Greece
  • America : Coline
  • Austria : Coline, Monique
  • Belgium : Monique, Coline
  • Bolivia : Coline, Arja
  • Cambodia : Coline, Monique
  • Canada : Monique, Coline
  • Canary islands : Coline
  • Czechia : Coline, Monique
  • Denmark : Coline
  • Egypt : Monique, Coline
  • England : Monique, Coline
  • France : Monique, Coline
  • Germany : Monique, Coline
  • Hungary : Monique, Coline
  • Iceland : Arja, Coline, Monique
  • Ireland : Coline, Monique
  • Italy : Monique, Coline
  • Laos : Monique, Coline
  • Malta : Coline
  • New Zealand: Coline
  • Peru : Arja, Coline
  • Romenia : Monique, Coline
  • Scotland : Monique, Coline (Many many times)
  • Spain : Coline
  • Sweden : Coline
  • Switzerland : Coline, Monique
  • Vietnam : Coline, Monique