Quotes and slips of the tongue

Last Updated or created 2023-08-27

Some cheesy stuff I found on my fileserver.
Mine/Friends or heared in the wild.

Hey kaas met ketchup? Of rasp ik nu te ver? (dutch)
(cheese with ketchup? Or am I grating too far?)

Coline in chat: I’m planning to go to sleep, but i was mentally ordering things in my head
My reply: cat /dev/head | sort -n > /dev/null && sleep $((8 * 2600))

Russisch routeren (dutch)
(Russian Routing) (Network joke about misconfiguring a router – like roulette)

Dashboard of my room kamer (windowsill)

Howmuch is that in beers?

me: I’ve seen better code
me also: But not written by me

Due to the recent coffee panic here, i think i need to prepare for the worst.. and go get a UPS for my backup coffee machine. (and bury cans of coffee in the garden)

Have you you seen the papers yet? Or are you waiting for the movie?

There are 1/12 problems according to the program
No problem at leas not 1 out of 0 !

We have no fruit left, only a sick banana

Take it easy, take it easy.
You can break things also slowly

Windows 95 – A world is closing for you.

Kapot gechmod (dutch and it rhymes)
Break something using linux chmod command

I don’t have a smart TV, I need to be smart myself

A beautiful mind is about a misunderstood genius
Happens to me also sometimes

Worldwide standard .. in Enschede

That dude was so drunk, he spoke encrypted

How long a drive was it?
About 1 liter

Will you rewind the CD after using it please?

Better to have 10 beers in you, than 1 on the street

if microsoft is the answer you didn’t understand the question

The release date of windows 2000 will be delayed, the new releasedate will be 14-04-1901

That whisky bottle is square!
Nice, no wet circles on the table

That trashcan bag is too big!
Maybe it is supposed to be on the outside

Sparkling water = water with holes

Many orgasms in the water .. organism

Sollution for everything, apply some glue and some pressure

I have to go, I have to catch the bike in 5 minutes

I heared some fireworks, mid year.
And said “maybe they are marsians”, we have to check if they lighting fireworks over 687 days again.

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