C64 Assembly, KiCad PCB design, and Keyboard Layout switcher

Last Updated or created 2024-07-06

I’ve been busy programming Python and NodeRed for a client.
But these are the things I’ve done in the last days.

C64 Assembly:
Breaking borders, using sprites and multicolor font intro.

It does not look impressive, but I’ve learned a lot.
Found a new way (for me) to open borders and change border colours on predefined raster lines.
Sources will be posted.

KiCad tutorial, posted on YT also because I could not find many resources about the subject online. Maybe it’s helpful

Video editing using Kdenlive.

Edit: Even faster, use Netlabels, no need to join pins.
Press L (uppercase) select pin 1, name 1.
Press and hold insert until all pins named.
Copy paste socket 5 times and goto your PCB tab.

This movie is about creating a backplane for a 6502 SBC I’m building.
It is real-time and below 4 minutes.

Multi Keyboard

My small multitouch screen came in.
This is for my previously mentioned multi-computer case.

It is going to show multiple keyboard layouts for different systems.
(See previous posts about this)

Waveshare display, Raspberry Zero as HID device, using USB and pin emulated keyboards. (c64 matrix, AT (DIN) keyboard, ps2 keyboard)

Some example screens

Petscii C64
Another C64

I’m also going to make a layout like the keyboards on my 8085

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