A joke my employer didn’t like

Last Updated or created 2023-01-13

I worked for a highly secure position in a financial place.

We had to use so-called RSA keys.

These keys we needed to get access to the servers.

That morning i came in office and had the following conversation with the manager:

ME: It’s far too easy to lose my RSA key, so I left it at home.
Manager: So how are you getting any work done?
ME: Well … i can get the login codes from here, while opening a browser to a popular social site. Here is my webcam, pointing to my RSA key.
(For everyone to see)
Manager: …. blank stare
ME: Now i can access it from anywhere!
Manager: … buttt

I recorded the key, so it displayed only a few old codes.
(It was a looping animated GIF, which looked like a webcam picture)

When explaining he laughed. A two minute joke, two hours making it ..