About this site

Q: Why don’t you use git for code
A: Most code is in my internal Gitea server, or my ssh-git (see posts)
Most code posted is old and static, no need to send you to a 3rd party site when not needed. ( Code that’s being worked on, will be in posted in git. )

Q: I don’t see new posts appear in the list on the left
A: I’m posting with a date in the past, whenever I can find a date when I started something, it will have that date .. I’ll use Jan-1st when I’m not sure about the date, but I know the year.

Q: Your code is broken, stupid
A: I’m probably stupid, but it worked for me when working on it. . I’m NOT a programmer. I’m not even good in what I normally do for my job. But i like to figure things out. Try to make things work.

Q: Are there cookies harmed making this website?
A: Only the ones which embedded YouTube, I can’t disable these.
Maybe I can host those videos myself, but can I copy and host those files myself without copyright issues and alike.
When installing new plugins, I perform a cookie scan myself.

"If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing."