Things in movies that bug me

Last Updated or created 2023-08-07

Will add more

I love movies, but somethings bug the hell out of me.

I often see movie mistakes, but when those mistakes are not too obvious, i can live with it.

Glasses being flat

They could have used glasses which are a little curved, so it isn’t too obviously flat.

But a better solution is :

Dustin Hoffman had to wear contact lenses so that he could see correctly through the thick glasses he had to wear.

The Wilhelm scream

I know it’s a running gag, but it’s not funny anymore.

People not really tied up, or pinned down

I hate seeing people tied up badly in movies, so easy to escape. Sometimes the actor has to hold the rope in place to keep it from falling off.
Rope, zipties and chains. (I will add some examples)
In some older movies you can see straining on wrists or neck. So it was really secure and tight! (real)

Bad example i know, but first one i found
Update 20230808 .. Oh no! I can’t escape!
Hover foot

American unrealistic events

Not talking about sci-fi or adventure movies.
Over the top movies. That’s why i like murder mysteries from Iceland, Scandinavia more than American.
There are many movies, in which the main character is the average joe, but he can fall off buildings, hit by cars, and run all day without getting tired. And escapes after that in the most improbable way.

Same category as Wilhelm Scream, the squeaky gate/door

We’ve been using the same sound in our student place 25 years ago.
I even recorded new and better examples for people to use.

Xfiles, sparatacus blood & sand, Supernatural, Shawshank Redemption, Reign of Fire, Final Destination, Quantum Leap, Fringe, etc etc

UPDATE: 20230716 The sound ..

My recording

One of my recordings (Scotland 2022)

Not consulting an expert

Movies about science, computers or even general laws of physics are more believable when asking an expert for advice to portray something.

Lights in diving masks/space helmets

When doing this the diver can’t see sh*t

Spaceships are alway the same orientation, on the same plane, when they meet.

There is no up / down whatever in space. Directors are always thinking of one plane.
Therefore you need to have at least 4 to be “surrounded” in space. 🙂

Not finishing drinks

Maybe i’m cheap. I won’t leave a glass untouched.

Hanging up on phone calls without saying anything like goodbye

Just rude.

People driving looking for minutes at the passenger, not looking at the road

Even worse, moving the steering wheel left right left .. even on a straight road.

Every 555 number has been used 100’s of times

All persons have a number in the range 555-0100 till 555-9999

Rain only being in the place of the actor.

The houses up the street are dry and in the sun

Generic stuff

  • Daylight when needed is in full swing in 2 minutes.
  • Hero’s are still looking at the end-battle scene when officials arrive
  • Bomb are always in the last 10 seconds defused.
  • Hero has to fight lots of people before ending up at the boss, who is stronger than all his minions!
  • People destroying their phone to avoid tracking.
    Take out simcard and destroy, take out battery and destroy then stamp on the phone and throw in the sea.
    Take out the battery if possible, dunk in water else

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