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3DMouse and blender

UPDATE: 2022-09-29

Yesterday i got two 3DConnexion 3D CAD mouses (mice) from my friend Vincent. While we where fixing his Mikrotik network i got to play with these cool devices.

I always wanted one of those, but they are quite expensive

First i tried to install the Software from 3DConnexion. It kindda worked but needed some workarounds and still wasn’t okay.

Downloaded 3dxware-linux-v1-8-0.x86_64.tar.gz (Maybe this version is TOO new, SpacePilot i a little ouder)
there is a install-3dxunix.sh, but it was made for Suse/Redhat

This program needed motif .. and a lot of libraries (libmotif/libxm)
After that some fonts xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi

workaround was starting by 
sudo /etc/3DxWare/daemon/3dxsvr -userName ${USER} -d usb

After that the demo program worked perfectly … but Blender didn’t
After some tinkering it work a little, it was far to sensitive, and was all over the place.

Luckily i found a opensource replacement. https://spacenav.sourceforge.net/
git cloned the package, then i notished .. there is a precompiled version for ubuntu!

apt-get install spacenavd .. start the service .. and go!

i cloned the test demos (libspnav) and compiled those test programs.

apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev
git clone https://github.com/FreeSpacenav/libspnav.git
cd libspnav
... fly is a nice little test program

So lets start blender

Pan tilt roll .. nice!

This wil speedup modeling, and for sure sculpting !

Some settings which worked for me .. let the tweaking begin!

UPDATE: 2022-09-29

I removed the version in the apt repository, and installed everything from git. Now i have a cool configure tool

Blender transparent animation for logo

First test to make a personalised logo for myself to use embedded on movies or in OBS streams.

Created a simple animation in Blender.

We need to export in RGBA (A for aplha), One of the supported video codex you can use is : Quicktime – QT rle.
Select this one, and make sure it’s RGBA and not RGB

Now i can use the exported video file in OBS for streaming.
I made the animation i a way that it can be looped.
(Don’t forget to set this option in OBS.)

Also useable in Kdenlive editor as watermark.

Blender 360 degrees test

Next to try is a VR setup.

Another blender project i’m planning to do this week is a movie displaying my logo to overlay on my videos.
So i have to render a transparent movie for this.


Open a scene, i took the liberty to get one from blenderkit.

Change output to cycles, eevee doesn’t work

Make x/y large enough in output tab. X = 2 * Y !

Next select your camera, and open camera tab

Change Type to panoramic and then you can change panorama type to Equirectangular

Position your camera and hit F12, it wil take a long time!

You get something like this

Use a proper plugin for your website, or view with your VR glasses!

Wanted to make a videowall for a video project

I’ve seen some commercial solutions, and some free blender solutions which where too complex or too much hassle.

I’m not paying anything when you can do it yourself for free.
And i wanted a easy to setup wall, using movieclips or pictures.

So below is a blender howto

Above also shows howto enable displaying keypresses for making howto movies and a plugin for distributing objects.

Little example using method above

2 Persons flute design

Design for a 2 persons flute. Still working on it.
I have to recalculate some stuff, to get the finger distances in a better position.

Rendering in blender

Plan is to 3D print this first to test. Then make it in wood or metal.