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Blender 360 degrees test

Next to try is a VR setup.

Another blender project i’m planning to do this week is a movie displaying my logo to overlay on my videos.
So i have to render a transparent movie for this.


Open a scene, i took the liberty to get one from blenderkit.

Change output to cycles, eevee doesn’t work

Make x/y large enough in output tab. X = 2 * Y !

Next select your camera, and open camera tab

Change Type to panoramic and then you can change panorama type to Equirectangular

Position your camera and hit F12, it wil take a long time!

You get something like this

Use a proper plugin for your website, or view with your VR glasses!

VR 360 180 3D

First tests with a Vuze Xr. (unedited unoptimized)

It can record 360 movies or take 360 degrees pictures.
Besides that it can do stereoscopic recording for using in VR glasses. (2D 180 tested in a oculus vr set)
In the past i made those 360 degrees pictures manually using Hugin for example. Also stereoscopic images, using two pictures.
But it was a lot of work, and most of the times the quality wasn’t worth it.

Another test i did recently was

Soon more