Why this blog?

My posted stuff is not special, everything we all do is most of the time mediocre. But a lot of us are creative .. so share what you have done and maybe your help someone .. solving problems or get new ideas.

I’ve started to cleanup my fileserver, found loads of projects.
i’m accending into old and obscure directories .. finding ‘new’ old stuff.
Sorting them into directories takes a long time.
Time will tell if i want to keep posting. My website has changed many times.

Maybe some of my project are useful for you?
I’ve got some really old projects, maybe you are into retro stuff.
Sometimes the projects are a little Proof of concept.
Maybe you make the same mistakes, probably you’ve come up with a better solution.
I’ll try to post sources and drawings/plans where i can.

Contact me if you want to exchange ideas.

Looking at below archived projects, i have a long way to go.
(Only recent projects below, but i’ve got code/hardware stuff going back to ’80s when i was a child)

I have been lucky to have many friends over the years, with an interest in Art, Programming, Music, Martial Arts.
Many of them have proven to be a driving force for me to get better at the things I do.
Surround yourself with people you can learn from!

 ls Projects/Hardware/ | grep ^2 | cut -c-4| sort | uniq -c
     21 2018
     46 2019
     18 2020
     19 2021

ls Projects/Software/ | grep ^2 | cut -c-4| sort | uniq -c
     29 2018
     58 2019
     36 2020
     23 2021
     10 2022

ls Projects/Graphics/ | grep ^2 | cut -c-4| sort | uniq -c
     11 2019
     19 2020
     32 2021

Non computer projects - Too many

"If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing."