Several things in progress, help me if you can.

Last Updated or created 2024-03-07

I used MCE to control some Windows VMs and programs running in it in the past. (Below link and a web interface engine which on the backend converted BWW/BMW (bagpipe music files) to PDF automated comes to mind)

Now, I implemented this:

Controlling a Windows VM using MQTT, very nice!
(Use HA mqtt or mosquitto_pub in bash)

Question: anyone got a better solution to control programs within a VM? Let me know.


I’m creating a new case for my Wemos, LCD16x2, button, Led, Buzzer project (see other post)

I’m redesigning my previous case in blender.

But I really miss something like a generator function for different cases, like the one I made using Openscad.
Question: Anyone know a tool/add-on to generate cases?
I used a model of a wemos to get the usb connector/screw holes in place.

My spotify rfid case I will create using wooden lasercut cutouts.

Next one:

In the past, I’ve controlled some blender lights using python and MQTT. But now I’m trying to control it using DMX.

Example of lighting in our living using mock-up couch and tables.

I found a cool add-on called Blender-DMX.
(B.t.w. wled can also use DMX)

Looks cool but, can I make a floorplan with this?

Blender add-on configuration

In Home Assistant I used a HACS add-on called : Art-net LED Lighting for DMX

Configuration can be done in configuration.yaml

- platform: artnet_led
  host: BLENDERHOSTIP                   # IP of Art-Net Node
  max_fps: 25                           
  refresh_every: 0                      # Resend values if no fades are running every x seconds, 0 disables automatic refresh
  node_type: artnet-direct              # Which protocol to use
  universes:                            # Support for multiple universes
    1:                                  # .Nr of Universe (see configuration of your Art-Net Node)
      send_partial_universe: True       # Only send the universe which contains data
        - channel: 1                    # first channel of dmx dimmer
          name: dmx_dimmer_rgbw         # name
          type: rgbw                    # type
          transition: 1                 # default duration of fades in sec. 
          channel_size: 8bit            # width of the channel sent to DMX device, default "8bit", "16bit", "24bit" and "32bit" 
          channel_setup: Wrgb           # This is the magic to get colors correct

It works, but I’m not happy, anyone got a better solution?

And I have to check out GDTF profiles for fixtures.

At a later stage I’m going to 3d print a white floorplan about 1cm high, with LEDs and buttons. A floorplan you can hang on your wall.

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