DLSR Camera versus Mobile Phone

Last Updated or created 2023-01-08

Not talking about the quality but how much we are using the camera’s.

Reason for taking pictures:

  • Capture memorable events – DLSR
  • Simple snapshots to remember stuff – Mobile
  • HQ photos – shoots etcetera – you want to use DOF, a mobile can´t do this
  • Images for web/mattermost/whatsapp – mobile phone is sufficient

But we always take our phone with us … sometimes we forget to bring the Nikon to memorable events.

A simple count of pictures on my fileserver.

# Below creates a CSV file
for f in $(seq 2000 2022) ; do echo -n $f, ; find  */$f -type f 2>/dev/null | wc -l  ;done 


2010 – We bought a new nikon
2019 – Busy planning buying a new house
2020,2021 – Covid
< 2010 – Mobile pictures are potato quality

I had my first android phone in 2009.
Phones before 2010 didn´t have good exif information, so the picture count is a little off in the graph above.

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