Stop doing this in posts!

Last Updated or created 2023-06-30

See what I did?

Part x in my .. in don’t like series haha

Post topic: My life changed when changing this one setting.
Answer: Congratulations, you have a boring life.

Post topic: You are using this and that wrong!
Answer: No I don’t

Post topic: Only 1% see this optical illusion/What you see first tells you what kind of person you are./You are a genius when you find the numbers in this illusion.
Answer: No it doesn’t

Post topic: This setting is ruining your experience.
Answer: No I like it in the current setting

Post topic: Creepy HIDDEN map tracks .. blah blah.
Answer: No its not hidden, and it there by default and can be toggled using the settings menu.

Post topic: Do this now! You will be happy you did.
Answer: No I don’t, didnĀ“t and never will

Post topic: Expect has cracked the code for a happy life.
Answer: Suuure..

Post topic: The BEST recipe for …
Answer: Depends what you like, maybe its a GOOD recipe, liked by more people.

Post topic: The top 10/best .. you have to own.
Answer: My top 10 is different, shutup.

Also .. this Popup over popup ….

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