Eleanor Plunkett for Harp

Last Updated or created 2023-07-18

History about this tune:


Arranging this tune for a duet. (Imgard and myself)

This is a work in progress

I’m using Musescore for this typesetting

A Nelly an chuil chraobhaigh
Is a shuil ar dhaith an fheir ghlais
Ag eirghe dhon la,
O! nach breag dham so a radh,
’S gur [tu] do shliocht na bhfear eifeacht
O Ardmacha breige,
Fuair sar-chlu o Ghaodhalaidh
Le trean-neart a lamh.

O Nelly of the back of the wood
With her eye the color of the green grass
Waking with the day,
O what a lie it is of me to say,
And you with your family from a man of import (?)
O lying Ard Macha,
(Nelly? The man? Ard Macha?) Won great fame from relations
With strength of hand

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