68000 SBC, C64 Git and SID Player

Last Updated or created 2024-06-06

Working on 68000 Single Board Computer.

Made a clock circuit and busy designing a power-on-reset schematic. I’ve made one before, but this circuit needs RESET and HALT being pulled low.

8mhz 5V

The 68000 being 24 bit address and 16 bit data needs 2x 8-bit roms and 2x 8 bit ram, but i didn’t have the components yet in this picture.

Address decoder using ATF22V10C is also halfway.
Schematics online soon.

Started a protected Git repo for C64 demo and proof of concepts for our old ICECREW group.

Installed Gitea, behind a reverse proxy.
Part of reverse proxy

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On
SSLProxyVerify none
SSLProxyCheckPeerCN off
SSLProxyCheckPeerName off

<Location />
ProxyPass   http://10.x.y.z:3000/
ProxyPassReverse  http://10.x.y.z:3000/
Require ip
Require ip a.b.c.d
Require ip e.f.g.h

Gitea config with token login over https

Generate token
Login https://icecrew.henriaanstoot.nl/

Select your profile (upper right)

And select Settings > Applications

Select a name for your token. And press generate

Top screen shows a token, copy this!

Create new project
Press explore (upper left)

Select organisation and icecrew

Press New Repository, give a name and create

(press https when not defaulted, there is NO ssh to this server)

The example is wrong! (Use below changing TOKENHERE and PROJECTNAME

touch README.md
git init -b master
git add README.md
git commit -m "first commit"
git remote add origin https://TOKENHERE@icecrew.henriaanstoot.nl/icecrew/PROJECTNAME.git
git push -u origin master

Clone a project
Goto a project

press HTTPS when not defaulted to this.

git clone https://icecrew.henriaanstoot.nl/icecrew/borderflag.git 

edit .git/config and add your token to the url ! to push

My Sidplayer as an option to select own collection.
And I’ve made a top list

# Best composers (no order)
Mibri (from get in the Van)

# Best tunes (no order)

# Start of own collection (not in above collection)

Investigating syncing effect to Sid music.

I got a great tip from Youth who made the Freakandel demo presented at X2024.

> Setup the loop to play the music

> Copy part of the memory to the screen ($0400) in the same loop to look for memory locations that are used as variables for the music. > Looking at

> Memory where the music is stored

> Zeropage ($00-$ff)

> See if there's some useful changes that coincide with for example drums

> For my own tunes, I use a music routine where I can put event markers in the music itself and react to those from the code. That's >how I synced https://www.micheldebree.nl/posts/big_angry_sprite/

> You could also try reading the SID registers for voice 3 (waveform and ADSR), those are the only ones that are not write-only. > Obviously you can then only react to those changes in voice 3.

I used retrodebugger to see which bytes are changing.
Then I wrote a program which changes the background colour to this value.
I also made a program to use a joystick to see which address have the most interesting effect.
(use up)

     1                                       !to "sidbgnd.prg",cbm
     3                                  * = $0801
     5                          sysline:	
     6  0801 0b0801009e323036...        !byte $0b,$08,$01,$00,$9e,$32,$30,$36,$31,$00,$00,$00 ;= SYS 2061
     8                                  * = $080d 
    10  080d 78                 	sei
    11  080e a960               	lda #<irq
    12  0810 a208               	ldx #>irq
    13  0812 8d1403             	sta $314
    14  0815 8e1503             	stx $315
    15  0818 a91b               	lda #$1b
    16  081a a200               	ldx #$00
    17  081c a07f               	ldy #$7f 
    18  081e 8d11d0             	sta $d011
    19  0821 8e12d0             	stx $d012
    20  0824 8c0ddc             	sty $dc0d
    21  0827 a901               	lda #$01
    22  0829 8d1ad0             	sta $d01a
    23  082c 8d19d0             	sta $d019 
    24  082f a900               	lda #$00
    25  0831 200010             	jsr $1000 
    26  0834 58                 	cli
    27  0835 a920               	lda #$20
    28  0837 8d6b08             	sta vector
    29  083a a917               	lda #$17
    30  083c 8d6c08             	sta vector+1
    31  083f a000               	ldy #$00
    32  0841 b93017             hold 	lda $1730,y
    33  0844 8d20d0             	sta $D020
    34  0847 ad00dc             	lda $dc00
    35  084a 2901               	and #$1
    36  084c c901               	cmp #$1
    37  084e f0f1               	beq hold
    38  0850 ad00dc             	lda $dc00
    39  0853 2901               	and #$1
    40  0855 c900               	cmp #$0
    41  0857 f0e8               	beq hold
    42  0859 c8                 	iny
    43  085a 8c6d08             	sty vector+2
    44  085d 4c4108             	jmp hold 
    45                          irq
    46  0860 a901               	lda #$01
    47  0862 8d19d0             	sta $d019 
    48  0865 200310             	jsr $1003 
    49  0868 4c31ea             	jmp $ea31
    51                          vector
    52  086b 0000               	!byte $00,$00
    54                          	* = $1000
    55  1000 4c37104c85104c2f...	!binary "Techno_Drums.sid" ,, $7c+2

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