68000 Testing

Last Updated or created 2024-06-07

While busy fixing my business site, and working for a customer, I build a testing rig for the 68000.

I first made a power-on reset schematic.
The timing is different from the 6502 power-on reset, and the 68k needs HALT and RESET being pulled low.

Inverted reset signal (before the 74ls06 invertor)
Schematic with poweron reset, some leds and 8mhz crystal
Lines pulled to GND or VCC are at least needed to get a running CPU.
Data bus resistors are needed because data is r/w

All Data lines are pulled low, emulating opcode 00 00
This will do nothing weird, and will increment the address and try to read the next opcode.
Resulting in an endless incrementing address bus, I’ve put a Led (Red)on Address A17.

Yellow is /RESET signal and Blue /HALT

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