Adding a VGA terminal to my 6502

Last Updated or created 2024-03-05

Using a LilyGo TTGO ESP32 VGA32, I’m connecting my breadboard 6502 to a serial vga terminal with its own keyboard.

Due to a lot of moving around, new places, new homes I dumped a lot of terminal hardware.
Also are those old terminals too big and use too much power.

I’m going to use this DIY screen.

Using the Libraries from Fabrizio Di Vittorio, named FabGL, you can transform this device into a dumb terminal, game device, VIC-20, a 8086 pc and more.
There are even some projects to turn this into a C64.

But the main thing I want to do: A simple terminal.
(I probably revisit the other options again at a later stage)

My Wozmon bios has bare minimum support for serial communication, so i have to do some bitbanging.
(6502 is using a 6551 ACIA)

Sound from the ESP32 VGA board.

  • Chipset: TTGO Micro32 (ESP32 240Mhz dual core processor)
  • Flash memory: 4MB
  • SRAM: 520KB
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V DC or 5V DC
  • GPIO voltage: 3.3V*
  • USB to serial converter: CP2102 or CH9102F (drivers)
  • VGA connection
  • PS/2: keyboard connection
  • PS/2: mouse connection
  • Built-in Li-ion/Li-Po battery charging circuit: TP4054 chip can charge up to 500mA
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