Lilygo PC, 68000 progress and C64 hacks

Last Updated or created 2024-06-13

Made a micro PC using Fabgl library and a ESP32 LilyGo Vga

More info about this device

68000 Progress

My address decoder seems to work (using an ATF22v10C) See previous posts.

Also new Rom and Ram chips. These are 8 bits, but the 68000’s data bus we need two (Odd and Even Addresses)

C64 Hacks

I made a proof of concept for a Rom switcher.
8 Different Roms can be selected using the dip switches.
(Dipswitches are being replaces bij something smarter in the future, like an Arduino Nano (like Adrian Black’s solution)

My other C64 stopped working, I need to make my PLA replacement.
But beside the PLA not working, I noticed the glass fuse was blown.
I didn’t have a large fuse (32mm) but a small one.
(Fast 1.6A and 230V)
So some fancy soldering and fixed.

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