Hacktic and card copier

Last Updated or created 2022-05-31

NOTE: Cardcopier was a few years later

Somewhere this year i got a subscription on HackTic a dutch hacker magazine.

Honestly most of the things i didn’t understand ( i was not into Unix at that time.)

I still got most of the magazines, except for some i lend to others and never got back.

In number 8 (1990) there was a schematic for copying magnetic strip cards. It took a while to build this, but i got it working in the end.
I managed to get a working bank card copied onto my Film rental store card. And we managed to copy magnetic cards which would hold information about how many copies you could make at the school xerosmachines. So we copied a full card and when it was empty rewrote information on it to fill it again.

At the MTS in Hengelo we also had a hidden switch for the payphone to get our money back.