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Last Updated or created 2023-02-01

Around 1993 i bought Myst, a adventure game.
It was really a masterpiece, a interactive rendered world with great moodsetting music scores.

When looking at documentaries like these:
It almost didn’t happen, i was oblivious to this fact ..

Many hours i spent playing this game, sometimes together with Erik.

I loved the puzzles and the rendered transitional movies.

After the first i bought all follow-ups.

I spend hours playing them, first with Erik and later with Monique and Coline taking turns at the controls. Solving the mysteries together was a lot of fun.

  • 1993 – Myst
  • 1997 – Riven
  • 2001 – Myst III: Exile
  • 2003 – URU: Ages Beyond Myst
  • 2004 – Myst IV: Revelation
  • 2005 – Myst V: End of Ages

There is also a parody version called Pyst

After that i found realmyst a remake of the first with better graphics.
We played Uru: Ages beyond myst or Uru Live after that. This one had free movement i recall.

I wanted to create a point and click/walk around version myself.
My first idea was taking pictures in my fathers car driving from Holten to Laren where Martin lived. Taking pictures (with a analog camera) on the way. Scanning those analog pictures and making a point and click thingy was something i only realized many years later.

I made a website with pictures of the house. People could click and move though my house. I made the path which was obvious in advance, when people clicked a new area or object, they got a popup where you could request the path or object information.

(i found the source code – now i have to make a webserver with a really old php version to get screenshots)

I never came around it to render environments myself .. see my post about rendering.

My Myst IRL in canada (2015)

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