Fireworks disaster Enschede

Last Updated or created 2022-11-03

I lived in Enschede at that moment.

A book about the disaster

It was a beautiful day in May, and a lot of people were outside enjoying themselves.

Monique was working in the garden, and i was sitting in the living room.

We heard some commotion and saw the smoke.
Some people said that the Chinese restaurant in that neighbourhood (containing illegal fireworks) was burning.

We heard a big explosion and Monique was blown off her feet, and sat down in the garden.

I saw the large livingroom window bulging to the inside and moving outside again. (This had loosen the mortar around the window)

When seeing the now black smoke, we went inside, to the opposite site of our home, and turned on the news/checked websites.

We were lucky that there was a large factory between us and the blast (Polaroid factory)

Large pieces of cement where found 100m further than our house was.

Below some of my own media, for a better understanding of the destruction and aftermath of the disaster check the divers websites.

A scary time.

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