Death of a space piper

Last Updated or created 2023-07-18

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I love the music of the Canadian Band “Rare Air”.

I’ve got 3 Rare Air cd’s

  • Hard to beat
  • Primeval
  • Space piper

Their sound was a fusion of Celtic, rock and a Caribbean beat, and their last cd (1991) was jazz-oriented.

Snake MacMurray, new swing reel, Chicago Shopping Mall .. but Death of a spacepiper blew me away.
I’ve heard some accidentals in piping, like playing natural notes and vibrato’s .. but nothing like this.

So i wanted to play this wonderful piece!
I sat down with a friend of mine, Thomas, and wrote the thing down.
(I will post these when i find them again)

So here is a clip of me playing the piece. (until the part i played for the dancers of our pipe band to come marching in.)

Most of the audience had no clue pipes could be played like this, and there is an audible reaction in the movie clip.
(There were some guests from other pipe bands in the audience, they came after the show to get more information about this tune.)

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