Skittles Vodka

Last Updated or created 2022-07-17

Update (2022) Something i’ve been doing for years now.

Making skittle vodka.

If i remember it well, is was a students solution to get a cheap ‘fancy’ drink. Vodka is cheap, and skittles or other candy was easily obtainable.

Buy a bottle of vodka, not too cheap, but certainly not a pricy one.
Get some bag’s of kittles. (does are mixed so you have to sort them by color/taste)
Take some small bottles and fill them each with a skittle color, and fill the rest of the bottle with Vodka.
Now we wait from the skittles to dissolve completely.
Strain the dissolved foamy mixture using a paper kitchentowel into another bottle.
( i have 6 bottles, 5 for each color skittle and one to transfer one to the other )
Sometimes i’ll do it a second time, to get a clearer result.

Ready to drink

Most of the times, i take a longdrink glass, pour some skittle vodka in it add ice and fill the rest with 7-UP.

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