Portable Squeeze Server

Last Updated or created 2022-05-26

Update : https://www.henriaanstoot.nl/2022/05/26/portable-logitech-media-server-again/

Below is a picture of my mobile LMS server i used in my car.
I only had radio and a CD player, i’m not a radio man .. folk, pipes and audiobooks

At the time i was working for Dutch Railways, imagine me walking with this blinky leds thingy, though the railway station …

It consisted of a dual port usb charger, a usb hub to power the drive, the rpi wasn’t strong enough. Thumbdrives where small in capacity, so i had to use a spinning disk harddrive.
It was only a raspberry 1, in a case i had designed and lasercutted at Fablab Utrecht.

Now you can get rid of the Usb hub and harddrive using a small but with large capacity sdcards.

I could charge the thing in my car, and when i got home, it would connect to my home wifi network, sync-ed my MP3’s and turn off.

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