Last Updated or created 2022-09-19

Changed stuff in my arpscanner

I want to know whats on my network, and be informed when a alien device connects.
This also helps me gathering all devices and macaddresses for a cmdb.

I’ve got below in my crontab

5 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/arpscanner

And the script:

# Using a scanner on a specific vlan/interface
arp-scan -l -g  -I p1p1.10 | grep ^10 | grep -vi packets > /var/log/arpscanner
cat /var/log/arpscanner | awk '{ print $2 }'| while read ; do
grep $REPLY /var/local/arpscanner.lst >/dev/null || echo $REPLY | mail -s arpscanner

New and checked devices i put in the file mentioned above:

                00:21:5d:gg:gg:7a       Description
                ac:67:b2:gg:gg:a0       Liligo Twatch
                b8:27:eb:gg:dd:fd       Nieuwe octoprint
                d8:f1:5b:gg:gg:4a       WLAN Dungeon
                48:3f:da:gg:gg:fe       Uboot ESP
                8e:93:79:gg:gg:5d       Tablet Monique
                d8:f1:5b:gg:gg:06       ESP Radar
                dc:a6:32:gg:gg:fb       RPI4
                00:1e:ec:gg:gg:ab       laptop
                68:05:ca:gg:gg:68       storage bak

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