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Last Updated or created 2024-02-21

Today i talked about creating apps for mobiles with a colleague.

I made me wonder what programming IDE i’ve used in the past.

Things i’ve made:

  • clog killer – a game application i made while working at a job.
    It was the name of a process on our servers we all hated.
    It was slow and messed up your terminal.
  • Webled – have to install this one again, to see what its purpose was 🙂
  • Whistle hole calculator – When making your own tinwhistle/lowwhistle you had to calculate diameters and positions.
    I will make another post about this.
  • Made a Multiple-Choice Quiz tool, for learning Iai-do positions/terminology. (Japanese Martial Arts – See other posts)
  • A iscp Onkyo controller (see post about my web controller)

Tools used:

  • Android IDE
  • App inventor
  • ??
  • And mobile applications using html5, php, css3 and jquery mobile

App ideas, not started or not completed:

  • Game for blind people (Or people who are bored out of their skull going to meetings)
    It involves a evolving maze game on a black screen, you have to remember the way. Hitting a wall, buzzz .. dead, start all over again.
    So you can hold your phone under the table or behind your back.
    (Black screen and no sound, just the little vibrating thinghy.)
  • New way to select app’s using a widget.
  • Pull down search game. (Have to look at the source again, i forgot what i did)

Downloads and screenshots:

I’ll post more/better examples


Reversed engineered a tool found on a ‘hackers’ phone.
Apparently it was a security test setup nobody was aware of.
I was able to find urls and domains where some call-home functionality was involved.

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