C64 Tape found

Last Updated or created 2023-01-25

Tape i found yesterday

I found a cassette tape yesterday. I was really curious .. dont remember making this.

Connected a tape drive to my C64 and tried to get the damn thing to read the tape.

Commodore tape drive

Got stuck on READY’s with no programs. Being a little rusty into using C64 i tried:

  • L+shiftO
  • shift break
  • LOAD”$”,8
  • LOAD”$”,8,1
  • LOAD”*”,8

Maybe there was a turbo loader used?
Maybe my tape unit wasn’t aligned?

Tried multiple tape units, couldnt find a Tape Head Alignment Program like:

So i used another method to see if data was recoverable.

Using UberCassette or AudioTap

Above are two examples with uses recorded wave files and calculations to generate the original written bits!

Recorded the tape to mono wav file using a generic linux recording application.

ubercassette taperecording.wav mytape.tap