MPF-1B – Z80 Training kit

Last Updated or created 2022-08-29

One from my collection: A training kit for learning to write machine language.

Update: 20220514 – Save and Load a program
Update: 20220829 – Mad-1 computer runaway movie

A little example, life programming a little machine code.

ORG 1800
0E 80              ; LD C,0
21 C0 00           ; LD HL,00C0
CD E4 05           ; CALL 0X05E4
0E 01              ; LD C,0
21 00 01           ; LD HL,0100
CD E4 05           ; CALL 0X05E4
C3 00 18           ; JMP 0X1800

Found this cameo in the movie “Runaway”

Using a tape and COMX-35 cassette player, i can store and retreive programs

Old Skool saving a program
And loading a program

Above i mentioned a Runaway Cameo .. well there is a MAD-1 system cameo also. (Which also i in my collection)

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