Commodore day

Last Updated or created 2022-05-26

Update: 20220514 – Vic Graf cartridge and more

One Vic-20 working ( switched some keyboards and chips around )
Something i made in 1984? .. then the fuse in my vic-20 power blew (250v 160mA)
Another Vic-20 – with a Bad U31 (Oscillator)? or Vic video chip?
Vic Graf Cartridge, graph a function with annoying sound

Manual :

I’ve got a load of cartridges, some of them i tested:

  • Vic-20 – Super expander plus 3K ram ( also some draw and sound functionality in this one )
  • Vic-20 – 32K Ram expander (switchable)
  • Vic-20 – 3K expander
  • C64 – KCS power cardridge
  • C64 – Final Cartridge III
  • C64 – Data Manager 2 – Data Base, hard to find information on this one, will post later on this one.
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