Kicad – Power-on-reset

Last Updated or created 2022-08-02

UPDATE: 20220728 Added POC

The workshop at MCH2022 gave me the idea to make my next PCB not at home, but professionally.

I’m planning to make my 6502 on modular PCB’s when i’ve got the base part working.
( I probably will only make THT (Though Hole Technology) boards instead of smd )
So i’ll probably end up making a few boards, namely:

  • Power on reset
  • Clock module
  • Interconnect with arduino
  • CPU, memory and ROM
  • Display
  • 6522 Via
  • SID chip
  • Hex keyboard

This power-on reset is based on the original C64 part to reset the CPU when you power the machine on. With my 6502 i have to manually push reset to start booting.
(The CPU starts in a unknown state when you power it up, it needs a reset)

PCB design

Working POC