WIP – Designing a 7seg memory address “spy”

Last Updated or created 2022-11-15

UNTESTED, haven’t got all components yet!

Sometimes when i’m writing code i want to know what’s happening. For example when i’m working on the display, there is maybe no output.
With the above example i can write to address $01F0 (example address), and it will display on the 7 Segment displays.

Upperleft PLD is my address decoder, which has been running for a while now.

Secondary PLD adds the rest of the Addressbus lines, and gives me the opportunity to select in a range of 16 addresses, using jumpers/

The two smaller PLD’s latch the databus data when addressed.
AND decodes a nibble to 7-Segment output for 0-9A-F.
(There are apparently no chips available which do A-F)

I’m going to add the PLD code when everything works. Let me know if you like the idea.

Should be only a few Euro’s

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