Magic Mirror no more .. lets reuse the display

Last Updated or created 2022-12-28

I never look in the mirror, so why do i need one?
The mirror foil was already ugly in the corners.
There were bumps.
Never finished a proper interface

This one was made using a touch screen, so there are always fingerprints you could see

I’m going to use the display for an in-house small Escape Room idea i have.

Only the time part still worked, but i could not find the right cables for the touch part. The buttons displayed are meaningless anyway 🙂
Just a mockup

Mirror part was done using a Safety/One way mirror foil.
Cut a part as large as you screen, spray a little water and stick it on.

At some point i displayed Dashticz on there.
Apparently i started playing with a magic mirror setup in 2015, according some timestamps of code on my fileserver.

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