Raspberry Zero with display

Last Updated or created 2022-12-28

I’ve installed a headless Raspbian on a Pi Zero with a 2×16 Chars lcd display. As part of the Escape Room over the internet

Using the raspberry imager:
I’ve set the username/password and ssh access in this tool.
For wifi access i’ve placed below file on the SDcard in /boot
(You can do this in the tool, but i want to make this dynamic when connected at a remote site.)
file: wpa_supplicant.conf



ssh into the RPi

sudo raspi-config
Interface options and enable I2C

sudo apt-get install python3-smbus

wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/DenisFromHR/cc863375a6e19dce359d/raw/36b82e787450d127f5019a40e0a55b08bd43435a/RPi_I2C_driver.py
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/DenisFromHR/cc863375a6e19dce359d/raw/36b82e787450d127f5019a40e0a55b08bd43435a/examples.py

For python3 edit the example and put at the top

# requires RPi_I2C_driver.py
import RPi_I2C_driver
from time import *
unichr = chr

Run with 
python3 examples.py
lcd display with i2c backpack
I2C backpack

Below is a mockup session.

Next todo:

  • Add more hardware (like buttons) to the RPI
  • Configure an Accesspoint on this Rpi for other devices to connect to
  • Install a local Mqtt broker, which connects secure to my internet facing broker
Setup example
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