Weird comix, doodles and drawings i did

Last Updated or created 2023-07-20

Blind parents often think their children are blind due to genetics.
Miffy learns DNS (Domain Name resolving)
Biological fly fly swatter trap

Here comes the plane!! ..
Fear for flying learned at a young age
More realistic spiderman

Postman, please drop some catfood in the mailbox every day?
Stopcontact = powersocket, spijkers = nails, aquariumslang met water = hose with water, lampje = lamp and using a clothespin to turn light off or dimming it
If you know .. you know
Waldorf and Statler (Vincent and me)
A friend and I having both backpains, mixing pills and alcohol will do the trick? Made a blender image to post in our Mattermost channel
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