Computer cards i’ve owned / used

Last Updated or created 2023-01-13

Only cards worth mentioning.
I will add more information to this page


Hercules ???? – Did a lot of machinecode on this one. (Which?)
CGA/EGA Card ??? – Machinecode hacking
VGA .. first card also machine code hacking
Some cards i knew a lot about, i did some manipulations using assembly that were very interesting, but only worked on that specific brand.

16 Bit ISA VGA card that is compatibe with 8bits slots for my XT.


I’ve bought a lot of Crystal Soundcards, there were breeze to install and use under linux, way back when it was hard to get supported hardware.

Firewire card (for Studio equipment):

Our old trusty mixer


Video blaster – Which i used to record video (Like ‘Sepp en fash vervelen zich nooit’) and my DIY controllable webcam.

Video Blaster

Pinnacle PCTV- Brooktree Bt848

I used the firewire connection to get the footage of my Canon Video Camera

Firewire cable
Not my card but comparable

Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350

Basetech BR116 (Current) – RCA

Not really a “card”

Camlink 4K (Current) – hdmi


Stallion RS-232 card for connecting multiple serial terminals.
(Icecrew chat server on Lan Parties)

insmod istallion board0=brumby,0x350,0xcc000
/usr/lib/stallion/stlload -i 2681.sys

Wyse Multiport Serial Card

Ramvantage 16bits ISA memory expansion

PC Hardware diagnostics card

Could not find any information on this card


The Catweasel is a family of enhanced floppy-disk controllers from German company Individual Computers. These controllers are designed to allow more recent computers, such as PCs, to access a wide variety of older or non-native disk formats using standard floppy drives.

You could connect joysticks and there is a socket for a SID chip on the card.

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