Got some new sensors (HLK-LD2410B)

Last Updated or created 2023-05-04

Sometimes you forget you ordered something from Ali Express, it takes too long to arrive.

Today i’ve got this in my mailbox

These are HLK-LD2401B motion/presence detectors € 2,91 a piece.

While PIR sensors are slow and doing only motion sensing, these nice small and cheap devices are fast and have more outputs.

  • Bluetooth (can be used using home assistant integration)
  • Motion and presence
  • 60 degrees detection angle
  • Measurements to moving/static objects (while the datasheet mentions till 5 meter, i’ve got measurements well above that.
  • Fast updates, and i mean really fast
  • Only 7mm x 35mm
  • mmWave – 24GHz
  • GPIO Uart

According to the bad translation it can also measure if you ‘devour’ something. Dutch ‘vreten’ means wild fast eating something.
Setting the language to English gives me the word ‘fretting’

Right screenshot shows Coline sitting at a distance of 5.5 meters

Above, the update speed in HA

To try: connect Uart to remote ESP
and tweaking the device
and distance gates

Maybe i can use some Triangulation go find the precise location of a person.

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