Mikrotik Plug Alarm

Last Updated or created 2023-06-07

When plugging an ethernet cable in port one, the alarm will sound.
And a mqtt message is being send

I need to dust my desk in the Attic I know!

In the script is a little sound effect loop, maybe I’m going to write a ABC musicnotation / BagpipeMusicWriter to beep commands.


:do {
	:local broker "NR"
        :local topic "crs109/ether1/alarm"
        :local int1 ether1;
	:foreach a in=[/interface find name=$int1] do={
		:local status [/interface get $a running];
		:if ($status=true) do={
                     :for t1 from=1 to=8 step=1 do={
                     :for t2 from=600 to=750 step=8 do={
                     :beep frequency=$t2 length=11ms;
                     :delay 11ms;
                /iot mqtt publish broker=$broker topic=$topic message="{\"ether1\":\"connected\"}"


/system scheduler
add interval=5s name=schedule1 on-event=script1 policy=\
    ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon \
    start-date=may/14/2023 start-time=23:25:36
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